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Car 201


(Raising funds for Variety  the Children's Charity Bash)

Ron, Phil and Neil left with 95 other bash cars from Bendigo at 9.45 on Thursday 13th August after the official launch and breakfast.  Delice and Lorna also attended the welcome function on Wednesday evening which was attended by about 500 people, including "Spider" Everitt, Wilbur Wilde, Mike Brady and Lisa Edwards with Brian Cadd fillling in for Leo Sayer who was unable to attend at the last moment.

There were lots of people to watch the cars depart and we were pleased to meet up with Jo and Kelly from Righteous Pups.  They were included in the official introduction and have a lot of support from the people of Bendigo.  

At a petrol stop, someone noticed their windcheaters had Marysville on them and donated $50 to help pay their expenses on the trip.

Lunch stop was at Warracknabeal Primary School.  Variety donated some books and everyone enjoyed Patties pies and gave away some goodies to the kids.

Dinner was at the Wentworth Club, Phil was impressed with the size of the club, he also was not allowed to drink much alcohol because he was driving next day.

Day 2 - Wentworth to Clare, S.A.

Travelling was on unmade roads today and there was lots of dust, especially when the air conditioner would not work and Phil wound down the windows and covered everyone with dust.  Phil lost his camera, Ron lost his phone.  The phone was found in the car fridge tonight and was water logged and will probably never be the same again. The camera was where Phil left it.

Breakfast was at the primary school and departure time was 8 am. 

As they crossed the S.A.border they were advised to turn their clocks back 30 minutes and their calendar back 5 years.

Lunch was at an abandoned Homestead at Burra.  Ron complained that Phil was driving too fast.  Phil blamed Neil's navigating for not being able to stop quickly enough.

Tonight's stop is at Clare, dinner at the Bowling Club. Jazz and Shiraz with entertainment by Wilbur Wilde and his band. They are staying in a cabin at the caravan park with bunk beds.  Ron was on the top bunk which was a bad mistake because it took Phil & Neil to get him down.  Breakfast was cooked by Apex members so the Lions showed them how to cook their sausages.  Stopped to buy some alcohol for a bribe, it was a good drop so drunk some themselves.

Morning tea was a Bekina, an old pub opened especially for them.  The ladies made morning tea of scones and sausage rolls.  Met some lifesavers from Sorrento.

It is Neil's turn to drive to Wilpena Pound tomorrow, so no drinks for him tonght.

Day 3 Clare to Wilpena Pound

Had some car trouble but arrived safely at Wilpena Pound. Lunch was at Hallam homestead, with no homestead. Neil is used to driving the car now, and drives like Craig Lownes.  There is no mobile phone reception and no phone calls on Saturday night.  Neil spoke to Delice Saturday afternoon from Hawker, they had stocked up on beer and petrol.

The resort is great and the party was enjoyed by all. Plenty to eat with buffet of roast pork or lamb.  The drinks were very pricey.  Managed to smuggle an extra bottle of red into the dining room.

Travel during the day was about 50% on dirt roads and 50% made.

Ron & Phil called Sunday morning from a public phone box.

The boys are camping out in tents.  Hope they don't get too cold at night. It was very windy and some rain.

Day 4 Wilpena Pound Layday with a late buffet breakfast, evening Cocktail Party with entertainment. The buffet breakfast was great and they walked around the pound sightseeing.  There is an old homestead, Phil claims he walked about 20kms.  I doubt they walked that far. The mechanic is looking at the car today.

Neil called at night, the sunset dinner and cocktail party were enjoyed by all with quite a bit of alcohol included to keep out the cold at night. There were thunderstorms and strong winds at night howled through the trees.

Day 5 - Wilpena Pound to Glendambo, Talent night. Lunch was at Yalklamulka Woolshed. The meals have been great and tonight they dined on prawns and salmon.  The car is still not right, the boys think everything is full of dust and not running properly.  Today the roads were very sandy and travelling was quite slow at times with 50km of the roughest road yet which took 3 hours.  Some cars did not try it.  Ron did a good job driving. The caravan park was gravel with plenty of bindi. There were only two contestants for the talent quest.  Breakfast was scrambled egg wrapped in filo pasty with smoked salmon.

Phil announced the arrival of grandson Rohan Harry born 10.51am weighing 4.5kg.  All well.

Day 6 - Glendambo to Coober Pedy, Drive in movie after dinner.  They travelled over some very rough roads today and the car is still not good.  They stopped at Bulgunnia Station homestead for lunch and had large platters with salad etc. to make their own choice of sandwiches.

Tonight they will sleep in a cabin at the caravan park so they should be warmer than last night out camping in tents.  The days have been warm and sunny but the nights are cold. Went to the drive in for dinner and had hamburgers with the lot with pineapple.  Phil did the washing and drying.  Neil's singlets came out a bit blue after being washed with the polo shirts and windcheaters.  Breakfast was bacon & eggs at the club.

Day 7 - Coober Pedy - Eirdunda  Today's drive is 700km.  First stop Oodnadatta which has a general store a pub and three houses.  Smooth roads with plenty of dust.

Day 8 - Eridunda - Ayres Rock, Sunset viewing dinner including drink package, transport and entertainment

Day 9 - Ayers Rock - Alice Springs, Presentation Dinner includes transport to and from Ooraminna Homestead, McLeods Daughters theme night

Day 10 - Alice Springs, lunch and entry to Henley on Todd, which was very entertaining.  There was surf rescue, Oxford tubs, sand skis bath tub derby, boogie board races, a lolly scramble and a mini yacht cup, maxi yacht race and a beach sprint. Dinner National Bash celebrations.  Legends of Australian Music Concert

Day 11 - Ron and Neil start to drive home and Phil flies back to Melbourne, work and reality.

Ron & Neil arrived safely back in Melbourne at 2pm on Monday. 


  74 Amaroo Drive
Chelsea Heights 3196
Phone: 0409 317 055

To see some more photos of the car please go to the Activities on the left hand side


SEPTEMBER 2nd - Day Eleven (Fathers Day) Well all over we are all now going in various directions to return to Melbourne, Car201 is being driven by Ron & Marg to Brisbane to be trucked back to Melbourne. Phil & Lorna and Bill & Beryl flying back today and Ron and Marg on Monday night. We can all say it has been an adventure of a life time Lion Bea will advise on the site where to look for the photos once we get them all compiled from the three camera's, we would only be too happy to come and talk to any Lions Club or anyone else who wants to listen to us about the trip and what you need to do if you are contemplating entering into the Bash (We are no longer Virgins) Keep your eyes on the site for information about our upcomming thank you and auction night. Once again BIG THANKS to all that made this possible remembering whilst we had a good time its really for the Kids. Regards to you all Bill, Phil & Ron

SEPTEMBER 1sr - Day Ten A REST day. We all slept in until after 8.00 and proceeded after breakfast to have a walk and a look around Byron Bay. Bill was surprised by Lion Rob Craig and his wife Bernie who drove from Toowoomba to see us - what a surprise. Saturday night was the fun night farwell the highlight of the night was that the entire teams were wined and dined and entertained by the legendary Brian Cadd and Russell Morris - all we can say about that was WOW. All the guys and ladies got up and danced how many opportunities do you have to dance to that duo.

AUGUST 31st - Day Nine Casino to Byron Bay. Casino stop accommodation stop in old hotel the bonus was that we were just across the street from where that nights function was held once again no shortage of food and hospitality. Really starting to get into the hotter weather. The run today is only about 150Kl going thru Kyogle, Nimbin and heading towards Byron Bay. Once again lots of mountain roads some dirt some sealed not wasting any time as all looking forward to seeing the girls at the other end. They even managed to find a dirt road for us to come into Byron Bay. The big Ford absolutely cruises on the highways and gathers some attention everywhere it goes. We arrived in Byron Bay about 11am met up with the girls and then after a short break all cars had a police escort thru the main street of Byron Bay to the official finish at Byron Bay Beach Resort. A presentation of 1400 push bikes by variety was made to underpriviledged kids, brings to home the reason for doing the bash. All crews where presented with official finishing plaques and a print of last years bash painting. Friday night was presentation night where Car201 received an official silver award for fund raising - A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE.

AUGUST 30th - Day Eight On the road again Tamworth to Casino really now getting into the hilly country the dirt roads sometimes turning into mountain tracks. Stopped at a little community called Red Range for lunch the kids everywhere are so pleased to see us and Variety are making donations of books at every school we stop along the road. We are also still handing out goodies like Plum Puddings, Lions Mints, Frisbees, Chuba Chubs and posters. The afternoon run was on old logging tracks up and down mountains very interesting in the middle of the run with vertical drop offs on both sides, a lot of attention need in driving, car still running fine. Overnight is in Casino.

AUGUST 29th - Day Seven Car still running very well. More dirt today from Lightning Ridge to Tamworth. Had a great night last night with the caravan park having a party to celebrate the eclipse. Cannot get over the friendship shown by all the crews to each other. The ladies have their Riley up and running again which is great. Tonight in Tamworth they are having a concert for the crews. Lorna, Marg and Bea will be leaving tomorrow to go to Byron Bay and join us. We will get there on Friday. The guys have been taking some great photos and we will set up a Yahoo web site with them all on it when they return. May not be able to give you any reports until the weekend not sure if I will be able to access a computer, if I can I will. Thanks everyone for the great feed back about the web site really glad to be keeping everyone informed. Lightning Ridge certainly very interesting will have to go back. To Tamworth once again lots of dirt car performed admirably was happy to get Premium unleaded into it as this is what it is tuned to. The roads to Tamworth mainly all dirt but included lots of hills and starting to get into mountain country. Adam Harvey band performed for us in Tamworth the hospitality, food and friendship on the entire trip has been fantastic lots of members of Lions clubs coming out to meet us, weather is starting to get warm. The car is fairly dust proof but the amount of dirt and dust we go through it would have to be preasurised to not suck in dust.   

AUGUST 28th - Day Six Well we had about 50Kls of Made Road to start today and then more Dust and Dirt on the way to Lightning Ridge. One of the places we came to on the way was Mulga Creek Hotel which is out in the middle of no where, is very old, very interesting and was a Cobb and Co Stage stop in years gone by. Lunch was in a place called Brewarrina the only place you can have a drink here is in the Hotel now where else. Car now has a bandage on the roof. One of the brackets on the roof rack broke it has been fixed but the rest a wrapped in the bandage to ensure they don't break. Tonight being at Lightning Ridge these guys are going to have the very best view of the lunar eclipse because the only thing out where they are at the caravan park is the caravan park, its miles from town and they had a bus taking them to dinner tonight. The lady at the caravan park is spoiling them and doing their washing for them. Bill said he hopes he gets his clothes back, don't think he will have any worries about that. The fellows from Car311 which is sponsored by the Freemason Lodges of Victoria have been talking with our guys as they are in a similar situation trying to be an advertising board for their organisation.   

AUGUST 27th - Day Five Today they guys went from Tibaburra to Cobar, more hard dirt road driving, if you look on the map below you will see a sharp right hand turn, well the only thing there is one tree but this was the lunch stop. What a surprise for Bill when he got there to see a full size old Fire Engine (after all he does collect these luckly in model size) when they opened the sides of the Fire Engine it became a bar, I guess they wouldn't have to worry about a license out there. They then pulled out the BBQ and proceeded to cook up lunch, Prawns, Mussels and Steak, this is the way to rought it. They also had an Auction Wheel and a Racing Game which was being conducted on the back of a Ford Fairmont sedan, we will see some photos of all this (might be some ideas for Lion Jack Cumper for our next Horsey Night) Tonight they have luxury an old Hotel with beds, showers and TV. Even though the days are long and hard they are having the time of their lives.   

AUGUST 26th - Day Four Travelled through lots of dust and dirt, very hard going today, had to have some work done today on the car, after hitting a culvet but everyone is OK and now thanks to the Mobile Mechanic crew so is the car. Just had to have the bash plate fixed and the Exhaust pipe bracket re connected. Interesting conditions tonight we are sleeping in the caravan park. Bill was thinking of sleeping in the car rather than the sleeping bag must be tired. Everyone on the bash now knows the Lion Car it has been a hit with everyone on the bash and the people along the way everywhere they go. Fuel price is really over the top now. Its really a small world Lion Don Erck who helped the guys out yesterday knows all my family that live in the Swan Hill area.   

AUGUST 25th Day Three The Guys have arrrived safely in Broken Hill after 580Klms of mostly dirt roads. The Car is performing wonderfully and they are very happy. It apparently was pretty hard going today. Tomorrow they are expecting to have to open and close about 27 gates on their way to Tiboobura. They have met up with lots of Lions along the way and in Swan Hill Last night they were visited by PDG Christine & Lion Peter Collinson from Cohuna. As well as meeting up with a Lion Don Erck from Swan Hill who helped them out with a wheelbrace and who has been corresponding with us over the last few weeks. The Lions in Broken Hill were working together with the Rotarty Club to fee the Bashers tonight. Breakfast tomorrow is apparently about 27KLms from Broken Hill.   

AUGUST 24th Day Two The crew have arrived at Swan Hill after having a great day on the road. The car ran very well considering that most of the 320 klms was on Dirt. They have had another day of meeting wonderful young people all along the track. Tonight the teams were issued with their awards and the guys got a wonderful ovation when they were presented with their SILVER award for raising $15000 plus. So a big Thank You to all those who helped in this.   

AUGUST 23rd Day One Well they are on the road. Leaving this morning from the Moonee Valley Racecourse, it was fantastic seeing all the cars 90 of them in total plus all the assist vehicles. I can tell you Car 201 looks terrific now and on the weekend I will try and up load the pictures of the car as it looked when they left. Tonights report is that they have had a fantastic day, and the best part is that they have had lots of kids along the way getting their goodies, things like Chuba Chubs, V8 Supercar posters, Frizbies and more. The Lions Club of Dimboola Vic came out to see the Guys they had read about them in the Lions Mag. Bill of course had to comment that Dimbulah is in Queensland not Victoria. Sorry Bill wrong one. They have arrive at Nhill about 7.00pm and are very tired but still very excited and having fun. Lions Clubs International is the largest service club in the world and as such we are always raising funds for people less fortunate than ourselves. For this reason we feel that this Variety Bash is a good way to combine our two loves, helping the community and while having fun as well as getting the message about what Lions Clubs do in the community

We would like to thank all the people who assisted us in running a very successful Dutch Auction at the Clayton Bowls Club Also the great response we had to the Horsey night held a Lionsville. Thanks Everyone for a wonderful job.

Bill, Phil and Ron


 Above is the map of were we are going to.

FOR SALE ? ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE Tyre & Rim signed by Craig Lowndes Car 888 for the Ford Racing Team and Wheel signed by Todd Kelly Car 22 and Mark Skaife Car 2 for the Holden Racing Team. These are being auctioned to the highest bidder, if you wish to register a bid please send it to and we will add all the bids to our site as we receive them. WE CURRENTLY HAVE A BID OF $500 FOR THIS These are very unique items and not made available and for this we thank both team very much for their generosity We have experienced the most wonderful support from Lions, Lioness?s and members of the general public and our THANKS go out to you all.

One of our sponsors is running the following event, if you would like to join in the fun run please contact:

The DINGLEY DOZEN FUN RUN 30th September 2007 for info contact Veeda Oakley 9544 1161 DINGLEY VILLAGE LIONS The Variety Bash is Variety the children?s charity biggest single fundraiser, an annual road event involving over 130 outrageously themed cars and crews. The Bash is not a race or a rally, but an entertaining social event and for the crews, half the fun is just getting there.

On the serious side of things however, all funds raised from the Bash go directly to improving the quality of life of special needs children. The 2006 Bash raised in excess of $1.5 million and this year Variety hopes to up the target to $1.6 million.

 The Bash starts in Melbourne, on 23rd August 2007 One of the key priorities is to raise awareness of the Bash amongst the general public, to enhance the fundraising opportunities of our committed crew members and subsequently raise the profile of Variety as vital fundraising organization for Victorian Special Needs Children. Local community involvement is vital to this aim and the Lions Clubs of

 Lions Clubs of District 201V5 and any others who wish to do so are our Major Sponsors

After leaving Melbourne, the enthusiastic ?bashers? will wind their way through various small towns, spending their first night in Nhill before travelling up through Swan Hill, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Cobar, Lightning Ridge, Tamworth, Casino and Arriving in Byron Bay on Saturday 1st September.

We warmly welcome journalists, photographers and crews to meet the entrants and photograph the cars

Variety the children?s charity is committed to providing special needs children with opportunities to increase their quality of life and fulfil their potential. It achieves this through the provision of equipment, facilities and life experiences and by operating a straightforward and transparent Grants program which draws on the funds raised through our Events, Road Events, Sponsorships and Donations.

Some of the ways Variety has achieved these goals has been through the supply of essential items including

Sunshine Coaches, Liberty wheelchair Swings, wheelchairs, walking frames, Second Skin splints, Braille and Dynamo speech machines, to name but a few.


For further information about the 2007 Variety Bash please contact Anna Gorman on 8698 3927. For an interview or photographic opportunities contact PDG Phil Wensley or PDG Bill Ahearn on


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